How Your Dentist Uses Social Media to Better Your Smile

September 29, 2017

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little girl at the dentistAt Chaska Dental Center, we treat more than just smiles. We’re in this to develop lasting relationships with our patients — and we truly care about your oral and overall health. That’s why we’re big on social media!

Wait — what?

Maybe you hadn’t considered how using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help us help your smile, but it can. There are three big reasons we use social media, and we have listed them below. Keep reading to find out why we love being social, and then connect with us through your avenue of choice!

#1: We Want to Keep In Touch

A key part of providing superior dentistry is being able to keep in touch with you. Have a question about your oral health? Want to know if there’s any availability coming up soon? Or perhaps you’d just like to let us know what you thought about your most recent visit. Either way, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to contact us. And today, that means doing it through an app on your smartphone! Whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (or all three), our social media-loving team is only ever a few taps away.

#2: We Provide Useful Information

Another great thing about being online is that we can provide content that will help you maintain better oral health in a way that’s a little more personal (and a way that’s more likely to get read) than sending it through a mass email or mailing something to your home. It’s one of the biggest benefits to the PATIENT (i.e. you) with social media. Maybe we’ll link to our blog, where we’ve run tips on going back to school or how to cure a child’s dental fear. And on Instagram, we share information for root canal awareness week and so much more. It’s stuff you actually want to read — and we work hard to keep it that way!

#3: We’re Building Relationships

Last but not least, we love being on social media because it helps us to build relationships with our favorite friends — you! We really mean it when we say we’re treating more than smiles. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help us get closer to you outside of the usual six month checkup and cleaning. And it’s also a great avenue for sharing specials that only our patients are eligible for… something you are sure to love, too.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re an avid social media user, we want to connect with you. Hop over to our Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter feed to show your favorite dentist some love!

About the Authors

Dr. Swingdorf and Dr. Meschke are known for providing superior dental care in Chaska. If you’re searching for a “dentist near me” to care for you and your loved ones, you’ve found them! Please don’t hesitate to contact the office at 952-448-4151 to learn more about their comprehensive services or to schedule an appointment.

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