Dentures – Chaska, MN

Filling In Your Smile’s Gaps

A smile marred by multiple missing teeth or an entire arch can cause many problems for a person. In addition to making them feel extremely self-conscious, it can also have a drastic impact on their oral health. Often, if any remaining teeth exist, they will shift into the open spaces, causing them to crowd and appear crooked. Plus, the exposed gum tissue is much more likely to become infected, and this can lead to even more lost teeth. Fortunately, the team at Chaska Dental Center has a solution that not only gives someone their complete smile back but protects their oral health as well: full and partial dentures. Call us today to find out how you can get started.

Why Choose Chaska Dental Center for Dentures?

  • State-of-the-Art Dental Technology for Enhanced Treatment Planning
  • Traditional & Implant-Supported Dentures Available
  • Most Dental Insurance Plans Accepted

Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

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Determining if you are a good candidate for dentures requires a thorough consultation by our team of experts, Dr. Swingdorf. During this visit, they will examine your smile and take digital images of your existing teeth and gum tissue. If any existing problems of tooth decay or gum disease exist, it will be essential to address and treat these problems first.

If you are missing multiple teeth along the upper or lower row, we can equip you with a partial denture. However, if there are no remaining healthy teeth in either arch, we will likely recommend a full denture.

Types of Dentures

Partial dentures in Chaska

You’ll be pleased to learn that there are a few different options when it comes to receiving dentures:

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are made of an acrylic, gum-colored base that is attached to prosthetic teeth. They are intended to help patients who are missing some teeth throughout their mouth. Unlike a bridge, it can help patients who have missing teeth that are not right next to each other. The denture itself simply slips into place and fills in the gaps like a puzzle piece. They are held securely using metal clasps attached to healthy teeth and can be easily removed to be cleaned. At Chaska Dental Center, you can get a traditional partial denture, or a softer, lightweight kind called Valplast Flexible Partials. Both are extremely effective at helping restore a patient’s smile and protecting them from issues related to missing teeth.

Full Dentures

Using much of the same material as partial dentures, full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth so that your smile looks complete. Held into place with suction and denture adhesives, these prosthetics have been around for centuries helping individuals embrace improved oral health and the ability to speak, eat, and smile more easily. With full dentures, we can give you back your confidence so that you will no longer feel as if you must avoid social gatherings and opportunities for advancement at work. Instead, you can take the reins and embrace a better quality of life.

Implant Dentures

If a permanent solution is your preferred choice, there is the option to receive implant dentures. Held into place using titanium implant posts, our team can position these prosthetics along your jawbone, surgically placing each one and allowing them to fuse with your natural bone tissues over time. A customized implant denture can then be created and secured on top of the implants to recreate a full, complete smile that works like normal and can remain in place for decades or even a lifetime.

Benefits of Dentures

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Now that you know about your options for tooth replacement, you may wonder why you should choose dentures over traditional fixed bridges. Here are a few key benefits:

  • Dentures allow you to regain a part of your bite force and chewing power so that you can eat nutrient-rich foods.
  • They help you to feel more confident and comfortable in your appearance.
  • Implant dentures can last 30+ years if properly maintained.
  • You will maintain a more youthful appearance because of how your dentures help to fill in sagging areas of your facial structure.
  • Implant dentures can stimulate your jawbone so that you do not experience facial sagging or collapse.