Children’s Dentist in Chaska Has 3 Back to School Tips

August 22, 2017

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My children’s dentist in Chaska provides excellent care. It’s time for another school year, and we love back to school season at Chaska Dental Center. Even if (like us) you’re not a student, August still feels like a time for new beginnings. But as the children’s dentist in Chaska, we also know kiddos don’t always look forward to back to school. If you’ve got a little one gearing up for back to school, follow these tips to make sure their smile stays healthy, happy, and strong for a successful year!

#1: Start the Year Off With a Dental Visit

Nothing says “fresh start” like a checkup and cleaning with the family dentist in Chaska. Schedule one for your child and we’ll remove the plaque and tartar that have had the chance to build up over the summer. We’ll also take a set of X-Rays so the dentist can take a peek below the visible surface. If we do detect any areas of decay, a quick tooth-colored filling restores the tooth without taking away from your child’s beautiful smile. Fluoride treatments and dental sealants provide added prevention of cavities and infection. Back to school time is also a perfect moment to get your little athlete fitted for a sports guard to protect their teeth and gums from injury on the field or court.

#2: Pack the Right Snacks

Lunch and snack time are big for kids, but most snacks marketed to children are also hidden sugar bombs. While you’re packing lunch or filling the cabinets with after-school snacks, beware of what you’re choosing. Even seemingly healthy items like granola bars or dried fruit can be chock full of added sugar. Take a peek at the nutritional facts — you might be surprised what you find. Whole fruits, low-fat cheese, and multigrain bread items are all good options for little ones. And when it’s time to hydrate, you really can’t beat pure, clean H2O.

#3: Gold Stars for Brushing and Flossing

While your child is getting into the routine for a new school year, it’s a great time to also start a new brushing and flossing regimen if you don’t already have one in place. Keeping track with a Smile Chart can be great motivation — your child can see progress that they may not notice just from brushing and flossing. Get a calendar or a regular sheet of paper and mark off the days that your little one brushes and flosses properly. Set rewards that make sense for your family, like maybe sharing a movie night or getting a new book.

Contact Us to Start the School Year Off Right!

Even if your little one has already started school, it’s not too late to schedule a back to school checkup and cleaning with the kids’ dentist in Chaska. We want to help your child smile beautifully this year, and for many more to come. Request an appointment today!

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