Whitening Straighter Teeth: When to Brighten Your Smile After Braces

June 3, 2022

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Orthodontic treatment produces beautiful results in the form of straighter teeth. Not only do braces lead to improved self-esteem, but they also allow for greater oral health. But there are times when they can leave behind an uneven look as it pertains to the color of your teeth. Is there any way to fix this problem? Can teeth whitening after braces work to address the discoloration? A cosmetic dentist explains how long you should expect to wait and why additional treatment may not be necessary to achieve a brighter smile.

What Happens to Teeth After Braces?

Now that your teeth are straighter thanks to your braces, you may begin to notice there appears to be some unevenness in color. Whether you opted for metal brackets and wires or clear aligners, this can happen, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be permanent.

Even if you don’t have metal appliances to straighten your teeth, they can still become yellowed over time. In fact, braces themselves do not cause discoloration. It is bacterial accumulations (plaque and tartar), poor oral hygiene, and various foods that are the culprits behind stained teeth.

This is why it is essential that patients adopt healthy practices and habits while undergoing orthodontic treatment of any kind. But even the best, most diligent patients can still experience some staining.

Can Teeth Whitening After Braces Occur?

When meeting with a cosmetic dentist to discuss the possibility of teeth whitening, you may learn that although it is possible, it may not be recommended until later. Here’s why: Immediately following the removal of braces, teeth can be quite sensitive, which will only cause further irritation and discomfort if you attempt to whiten your smile after having your orthodontic appliances removed.

Also, the saliva you produce can oftentimes be just enough to rid your teeth of any discoloration or stains. This is why many dentists recommend that you wait at least six months before pursuing teeth whitening treatment.

Professional Teeth Whitening Benefits

Although there are many options available to whiten your teeth, it is always best to entrust your smile to a professional. Whether it is in-office treatment or at-home whitening kits, a qualified cosmetic dentist can provide the oversight to ensure treatment is safe and effective. This puts your smile at a greater advantage of seeing beautiful, longer-lasting results as opposed to using over-the-counter products that make big promises but deliver lackluster results.

Seeing a straighter smile is always exciting, and your dentist understands you want your teeth to also possess a whiter, more beautiful appearance. Waiting until the right time to take care of any stains will ensure your teeth grow stronger and remain better protected, allowing for the ideal canvas for a brighter smile.

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