3 Tips to Keep Your Smile in Check This Holiday Season

December 3, 2022

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Are you getting ready to enjoy some of your favorite holiday foods? If so, you’ll want to make sure that you take proper care of your teeth to avoid cavities and tooth decay. While some dentists might recommend that you avoid certain treats, there are ways to minimize the risk of restorative care while still indulging in delicious holiday goodies. Here are three tips to remember this season.

Don’t Neglect Your Oral Hygiene Routine

The holidays usually mean staying up late and sleeping in, so if you’re feeling like skipping out on your oral hygiene routine to stay up and play games with family and friends, you’ll want to think twice. If you plan to eat some of your mom’s classic pecan pie, you won’t want to let all that sugar remain on your teeth. Brushing for two minutes, flossing, and rinsing is the most effective way to eliminate bad oral bacteria and food debris from wreaking havoc on your smile.

Add Vegetables to Your Plate

While scooping up some of your favorite sweet potato casserole, don’t forget to add a side of raw vegetables to your plate. Not only are they rich in vitamin A, which can help to strengthen tooth enamel, but they also act like natural toothbrushes. This means that they help to remove stuck-on food that might otherwise try to burrow and eat away at your tooth enamel. Not to mention, vegetables are great for your waistline, so you can never have too many.

Avoid Soda and Increase Your Water Intake

Sodas, alcohol, fruit juices, and other caffeinated beverages may taste delicious, but they often contain high levels of sugar and acidity. As a result, they can be one of the worst things you can consume during the holidays. While it’s fine to have a glass now and then, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t neglect your oral hygiene routine. It’s also recommended that you increase your intake of water during the holidays. Why? Because many foods can cause problems for your smile, and water helps to flush out plaque and stuck-on food debris. It also keeps you hydrated and your salivary glands working at an optimal level.

You don’t have to forgo your favorite dishes this holiday season. You just need to make sure that you’re taking proper precautions to safeguard your smile, so it is healthy in the coming year.

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Dr. Thomas Meschke and Dr. Aaron Swingdorf are two trusted dentists who readily provide patients with preventive services to mitigate serious oral health issues. Encouraging individuals to practice good oral hygiene at home, it often takes more than brushing and flossing to keep cavities at bay. This is why they provide tips and suggestions to build better eating habits, especially around the holidays so that the foods and beverages consumed will help, not hinder, a person’s smile. Contact us at (952) 448-4151 or visit our website to learn more.

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