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Your United HealthCare Provider in Chaska

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United HealthCare insurance is a common dental insurance provider for our patients, so we are always pleased to share the news that we are in-network with this plan. At Chaska Dental Center, we will work hard to help you make the most out of your investment in your and your family’s oral health! Dental insurance covers the necessary general and restorative services you need to enjoy a healthy smile for a lifetime -- and your dentist will help you stretch those benefits with United HealthCare in Chaska. Keep reading to learn more about how this plan works.

About United HealthCare Insurance

United HealthCare Dental insurance works like most dental insurance plans. It is a fee-for-service plan, meaning that in exchange for a fee you or your employer pay monthly (your premium, which usually hovers around $50 for an individual), you will be eligible for a list of services you can receive for free or heavily discounted.

Dental insurance key terms:

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  • In-network vs. out-of-network: A dentist in Chaska who is in-network has agreed with United HealthCare to provide certain services at a reduced rate to you. An out-of-network dentist is under no such obligation -- so you will pay the full amount out of pocket and wait for a reimbursement to come on the back end.
  • Deductible: The dollar amount you must pay out of pocket before your benefits will take effect.
  • Annual maximum: The amount up to which your dental insurance is obligated to pay for your eligible dental services.
  • Copayment: The portion you will be expected to pay for a given service.
  • Alternate benefit: Coverage for the least expensive, acceptable alternative treatment when there are costlier treatments you could select (e.g. a fixed bridge over a dental implant).

What United HealthCare Dental Covers

United HealthCare insurance covers a wide range of treatments that are required for continued oral health. The specifics of your plan will depend on a few things that are determined at the time of enrollment. Your employer may, for example, make certain decisions to lower your annual maximum, while you may wish to pay more each month for more services.

In general, United HealthCare coverage works like this:

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  • Preventive care is 100% covered by dental insurance. This includes two checkups and cleanings per year, along with X-rays, and possibly dental sealants and fluoride treatments for children.
  • Basic restorative treatments are 80% covered by dental insurance. This includes treatments like fillings, some gum disease treatment, extractions, and more.
  • Complex restorative treatments are covered by 50%. This includes root canal therapy, dental crowns, dentures, and other services.
  • Cosmetic treatments and other elective services not directly required for oral health are usually not covered by dental insurance.

Start Saving on Dental Care Today

Are you looking for someone to accept your United HealthCare insurance in Chaska? That’s us here at Chaska Dental Center! We’re the experts in helping you save, for the benefit of your smile AND your wallet. We invite you to request an appointment and start saving on high-quality dental care today.