Is Sepsis Related to a Toothache?

February 21, 2019

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Are you suffering from a toothache in Chaska? No matter what caused the pain to occur, you need to find treatment from your dentist as soon as possible. Left unattended to, that throbbing crown can turn into a serious, even life-threatening problem — one called sepsis.

What Is Sepsis?

Sepsis is caused by your body’s response to infection. Nearly 2,000 people in the United States of America are hospitalized due to sepsis every year, and those people are 5 times more likely to die than someone experiences a heart attack or stroke. When it occurs, cells are released into the bloodstream to try to fight the problem and restore your health — and this response can lead to inflammation throughout the body and cause a major shock to your system. If left untreated, sepsis can lead to organ malfunctioning, shock, and, in the worst cases, death.

Sepsis and Toothaches

Because toothaches are caused by infection, one that is not treated can eventually lead to sepsis. The infection bacteria which lives in the tooth may travel through the bloodstream, and when the bacteria count is high enough, the body will quickly respond — possibly leading to septic shock or death. Unfortunately, the number of tooth-related sepsis cases are on the rise, with reports showing that there has been a 40% increase in less than a decade.

Sepsis may not occur until several weeks or months after the toothache develops, which means you can prevent it by visiting your dentist as soon as you realize you have an aching crown. When you do so, the team can provide treatment for the infection — including a filling or root canal — not only protecting you from sepsis but also rescuing the tooth from extraction and keeping your smile complete.

Preventing Toothaches

Fortunately, it is easy to protect your smile against toothaches which may result in sepsis. Through regular dental hygiene practices, you can keep your teeth clean, healthy, and infection-free.

A good oral health routine looks like this:

  • Gently brush the teeth for two minutes, at least twice a day (after each meal is even better!)
  • Floss between teeth at least every day, working the dental floss between and around each tooth
  • Use an alcohol-free mouth rinse for an extra dose of cleansing power in the afternoon or after you brush and floss
  • Visit your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning to ensure small issues are detected and treated as soon as they develop

Meet the Practice

The Chaska Dental Center is made up of general dentists, specialists, hygienists, assistants, and other professionals who are committed to providing the very best in dental care for patients of all ages. To learn more about sepsis and its relation to toothaches in Chaska or to book a checkup and cleaning or any other service, call their office at (952) 448-4151.

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