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Porcelain Veneers in Chaska

The people around you aren’t the only ones who should be happy to see your smile. You should be happy with your smile, too! However, if stains, chips, and gaps between your teeth make you feel self-conscious, then you may not be willing to spread that happiness. You may smile with your mouth closed or hide your smile behind your hand to keep people from seeing your damaged teeth. With modern cosmetic dentistry from Chaska Dental Center, you can finally have the smile you want and deserve. Dr. Meschke and Dr. Swingdorf can eliminate multiple dental imperfections and create stunning beauty with porcelain veneers.

Your Chaska Dentist Can Change Your Smile

Closeup of beautiful smile

Porcelain veneers are custom crafted to correct whatever flaw is marring a specific tooth. Each one is individually designed, but together they create a smile that is completely perfect.

Some of the imperfections they can correct include:

  • A tooth that is permanently stained or discolored
  • Misalignment of one or more teeth
  • The size of a tooth that is proportionally too small in comparison to your other teeth
  • Irregular spacing between your teeth
  • Teeth that are cracked, chipped or broken
  • Misshaped teeth

Made of natural-looking dental porcelain, custom veneers are handcrafted for each patient’s individual needs and preferences. The resilient porcelain reflects light like natural tooth enamel and will never stain or discolor. With the aid of digital x-rays, photographs and molded impressions of your teeth, your Chaska dentist will design your veneers to complement your unique facial features, complexion, and even your hair color. Then, a skilled dental ceramist at our dental lab will fabricate your restorations to Dr. Meschke’s or Dr. Swingdorf’s precise specifications. We’ll permanently bond your custom veneers in place to revitalize your smile and your self-esteem.