Making Chaska dental implants life-changing and affordable

April 7, 2016

Dental implants from Chaska Dental Center change lives affordably. Replacing one or more teeth, implants recreate new smiles for a lifetime.

No other tooth replacement option boosts oral health and well-being quite like the Chaska dental implant. Drs. Thomas J. Meschke and Aaron B. Swingdorf of Chaska Dental Center recreate smiles with these permanent, bone-sparing and realistic-looking artificial teeth. And, because they are so predictable and reliable, they are one-time fixes, saving patients money and time over their lifetimes.

What is a Chaska dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth comprised of a titanium screw, metal extension post and realistic ceramic crown. Instead of resting on top of bone and gums the way bridgework and conventional dentures do, the dental implant resides right in the jaw, giving the patient stable speaking, normal eating and great smile aesthetics.

Ingenious and versatile, dental implants can stabilize full or partial dentures, too, or form the anchor for fixed bridgework. Implants truly extend the longevity of these tooth replacement options.

How your 55318 dentist places a dental implant

A patient requires a healthy, dense jaw bone to accept a dental implant. When Dr. Meschke or Dr. Swingdorf establish oral health through an exam and digital x-rays, they proceed with the restorative dental treatment.

Placement of the titanium screw involves drilling a hole into the jaw–a simple procedure made comfortable with local anesthesia. The 55318 dentist sutures the site closed and allows it to heal.

After several weeks, the implant is fully bonded to the bone through a process called osseointegration. Dental experts assert that osseointegration occurs as human bone grows right around the titanium device. The bond is exceptionally tight and usually permanent. That’s why over 90 percent of dental implants succeed and remain in place for decades.

The Chaska Dental Center dentist places a metal extension on the implant and then bonds on a custom-fabricated ceramic crown . At home, the patient brushes twice a day and flosses daily, too. He or she comes to Chaska Dental twice yearly for routine exams and hygienic cleanings.

There’s nothing unusual about caring for an implant. However, hygiene should be thorough to avoid an infection called peri-implantitis. Similar to periodontitis, peri-implantitis threatens jaw bone and gum integrity and may necessitate implant removal. Also, smoking appears to encourage infection because of the heat and toxins contained in cigarettes.

Could your life change with dental implants?

If you qualify for implants, the answer is most definitely, “Yes.” Dental implant patients enjoy smiles that are very natural-looking, feeling and functioning, too. There are none of the slippage or fit problems associated with other tooth replacement options, and none of the bone or gum recession guaranteed by tooth loss.

Could you afford dental implants?

Chaska Dental Center offers patients many payment and financing options, including CareCredit, a medical/dental credit service used by healthcare providers across the country. Some dental insurances pay for a portion of dental implant placement.

Contact the office

If you have questions about improving your life with dental implants, contact Chaska Dental Center today. The team will arrange a consultation appointment with one of the dentists. Learn all the possibilities implant dentistry gives patients of all ages.

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