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MetLife Dental Insurance -- Chaska, MN

Maximizing MetLife for Your Budget & Smile

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At Chaska Dental Center, we are proud of the fact that we don’t just treat teeth -- we treat people. And part of that commitment to our patients is making sure our dental services are as affordable as they are high quality. If you are covered by a dental insurance plan like MetLife, we want to make sure that you can stretch your benefits to the maximum each year. That’s why we are in-network with your plan! Keep reading to learn more about how you can save when you visit your MetLife Dental dentist in Chaska.

MetLife Coverage Availability & Fees

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Like most dental insurance, your MetLife plan operates with a significant emphasis on prevention. By making it easy for you to receive the important services, like checkups and cleanings, as affordably as possible, MetLife can help you avoid tooth decay, loss, gum disease, and other significant oral health hazards over a lifetime.

The details of your plan may vary based on a few factors that are decided upon enrollment, but you can expect your coverage to look something like this:

  • Preventive dentistry is 100% covered. This includes two checkups and cleanings per year, a full set of X-rays, and additional preventive services as needed.
  • Restorative dentistry coverage ranges from 50% to 70%. Depending on the complexity of the treatment being rendered, you will be expected to pay from 30% to half of the bill. A simple filling, for instance, receives the maximum coverage, while a dental crown or other prosthetic will receive less.

MetLife runs on a calendar year and unused benefits do not rollover from one period to the next. We can help you make strategic decisions to ensure that you are maximizing your coverage -- for example, you may want to break up significant dental work over two calendar years to reduce out-of-pocket fees.

Meet Joanne, Our Insurance Expert

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When you contact Chaska Dental Center for an appointment using benefits through your MetLife dental insurance, you will talk with Joanne. She is our business administrator and resident dental insurance expert! Joanne has an MBA from Mount Saint Mary’s University and has been with us since 2015. She is also a candidate for a CPA. She stays up to date on changes in dental insurance and is well-equipped to help you make the most out of your coverage! She will start out by performing a verification of benefits by calling MetLife directly to find out just what you are eligible for, and then proceed by helping you make smart decisions on how to best use your plan. Don’t hesitate to contact us, the MetLife “dentist near me” you are searching for, to discuss your dental insurance benefits -- make sure to ask for Joanne when you do!