Amalgam-Free Dentistry in Chaska

For years, the only option for restoring a tooth following decay was with an amalgam, or silver, filling. This dark restoration was unsightly, damaged the natural tooth enamel, and put the patient at risk for mercury exposure. Chaska Dental Care has been using a metal-free solution since 1997. We are pleased to be the amalgam-free dentist Chaska counts on for healthier dental restorations with tooth-colored fillings.

What Is Amalgam?

Amalgam is the material used in silver, or metal, fillings. One half is liquid mercury, and the other half is a mixture of tin, silver, and copper. The result is a silver or gray spot on the tooth, a mark that stands out against the tooth enamel. While the material has been approved for use in dentistry by the FDA, many patients are concerned with the use of mercury in their dental restorations.

What Is Amalgam-Free Dentistry?

At Chaska Dental Care, we do not use amalgam in restorative dental care -- and we haven’t since 1997. We practice amalgam free dentistry, which means we perform tooth-colored fillings, instead. This method uses white composite resin to restore teeth following decay. The composite resin is a biocompatible material made up of a mixture of smooth plastic and glass particles.

What Are the Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Compared to the silver alternative, the benefits of tooth-colored fillings are significant. Some of these advantages of white restorations include:

  • Less removal of the tooth structure is required, allowing for more conservative dentistry
  • Composite resin is highly customizable to match the shade of the rest of your teeth
  • Tooth-colored fillings are less sensitive to changes in temperature
  • Composite resin dries within minutes after application
  • Fillings placed with composite resin can last as long as amalgam fillings

At first glance, the most significant benefit of tooth-colored fillings is the fact that they blend in with the rest of your smile -- but the method is also gentler on the teeth, results in less sensitivity, and lasts just as long as the traditional method.

Is It Necessary to Replace My Silver Fillings?

Many patients are interested in having their silver fillings replaced with tooth-colored fillings. If you are not experiencing problems with your amalgam fillings, it is not necessary to have them replaced. Replacement may, however, prevent future issues. It ultimately depends on how proactive you wish to be. Silver fillings can present problems later on, like making it difficult for your dentist to detect a leak or break of the filling -- even on x-rays. When this occurs, decay may advance without notice, eventually causing pain and requiring more significant treatment, like root canal or tooth extraction. Additionally, patients may choose to have their fillings replaced to prevent the risk for mercury exposure.

Filling replacement is a simple procedure that can potentially prevent more significant problems later on. The decision on whether or not to switch your non-problematic silver fillings for white ones is ultimately up to you.

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If you would like to discuss amalgam-free dentistry, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the dentist in Chaska. Dr. Meschke and Dr. Swingdorf provide the biocompatible dental care you and your loved ones deserve. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

I brought my daughter, 10 years old, to the clinic yesterday. Was blown away by how east to work with all of the staff. Wendy at the front desk was wonderfully warm and inviting. The hygienist we had, Erin, was wonderful with my daughter. She was very engaging. We had Dr. Swingdorf as our dentist and he was amazing. Talked to my daughter instead of to me, which I LOVE! He addressed all of our concerns and was very approachable. Would recommend them to anyone looking for an outstanding dental clinic!

I want to state how fortunate I am - and I am certain everyone else of Dr. Meschke's patients - to have such an outstanding and most capable person as Dr. Tom Meschke as our dentist. I am certain Dr. Meschke has to be one of the very best dentists in the entire state of Minnesota. He is personable with his patients, he is genuinely interested in correcting and resolving your dental issue. I know he has made a big difference in my dental health from where I started with him about 20 years ago to where I am today which is in positive dental health. There are many good dentists in Minnesota, I am certain, but I do not believe that Dr. Meshke could be ranked below any of them. He is truly the best! - Steve W.

Fantastic dental experience! The office staff have always treated me with respect and care. Dr. Swingdorf is the best dentist I've ever seen. Highly recommend! - Ross N.

Really enjoy coming in, the doctors and the entire staff are more engaged and concerned which makes the atmosphere much more friendly and less transactional. The atmosphere was only one facet that made the experience great, I went for a basic appointment but it felt tailored to my needs more so that with other dentists I've gone to. Would definitely recommend to friends and family - Christopher S.

Life changer for me! I had missing teeth and bone loss for years and Dr. Meschke came up with a plan for implants. I can chew with the right side of my mouth again for the first time in over 10 years! Our family of 9 is lucky to have him for a dentist. Professional, Innovative, Caring, & Affordable. Thanks Dr. Meschke!!! - Scott F.

Dr. Swingdorf, I wanted to thank you and Linda and the rest of Chaska Dental's staff for all your courtesy and care to make sure my dental and overall health continue to be excellent. - Camille

Thank you Dr. Swingdorf for your time and attention when I came in for my 6 month check up. I very much appreciate all you do for my and the health of my dental care. I cannot thank you enough!

The receptionists are helpful and courteous, the hygienists are patient, gentle, knowledgeable and very nice. We've been coming here for years and have no intentions on going anywhere else.

One too many kernels of Kettle Korn at the Twins game this past weekend. I called CDC first thing Monday morning and was in the chair for molar restoration within a half hour. Now that's accommodation. Thank you! Go TWINS!

As much as it is contradictory to say; You make dentist visits/work enjoyable! Thanks again and...I always refer my friends your way for a great dentist!

Tom, Thank you so much for your honesty & integrity. I had no idea of your warranty or even that this tooth had been worked on before or when. This will not go unnoticed in the community. I've already told several people of your honesty and quality of work & will continue to do so. - Luke

Dear Tom, Thank you for your care and concern for me - I appreciate your professional pride in your excellent work - even when you make a patient wait. Thank goodness you did have new caps made. I LOVE MY NEW TEETH. Best wishes to you and your family - you are special. XOXO-Susan

The dental care from Dr. Meschke and his staff is the best I've received in my adult years. They are professional, thorough, and make the experience something to look forward to (which is a hard thing to do, given that it's dental work and generally, not an enjoyable experience).
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Just a note to say a sincere Thank You for the beautiful work you did on my front tooth, the "prettiest" tooth in my mouth. Yes, Betty, my sister-in-law was informed. I'll show it off Saturday at a wedding shower!
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